«Tretyakov Gallery Guided Tour in Moscow» Excursion Program

The gallery is named after its founder, the famous trader Pavel Tretyakov, a major sponsor of 19th-century Russian art. Tretyakov's dream was to build a large museum, open to everyone regardless of class or wealth, with a significant collection of exhibits designed to help people understand and admire the history of the country's art.

Since then, the gallery has grown to an impressive collection of more than 170,000 pieces, all by Russian artists dating from the 11th century to the present. Your guide points out the major highlights, including portraits of some of the best-known figures from Russian history as well as some key pieces like the Byzantine Our Lady of Vladimir and the masterpiece Trinity by Andrei Roublev.



  • One of the finest collections of Russian art in the world

  • More than 170,000 pieces of incredible artwork

  • Portraits of Russian figures from Dostoyevsky to Tolstoy

  • Enthralling history of gallery dating back to 1856

  • Expert guide giving fascinating insights into the museum