«The Kremlin & Cathedrals Tour» Excursion Program

The word kremlin simply means fortress in Russian, and originally every town in the country had 1. Today the expression is synonymous with the mighty Moscow Kremlin. The vast complex is the official presidential residence and the main seat of the Russian Orthodox Church. An expert guide shares enthralling information about the city's remarkable history and culture as you explore 3 main temples.

The Dormition Cathedral is the oldest in the entire country. All Russian monarchs between the 16th and 19th century were crowned within these walls. The gilded onion domes and the astonishing iconostasis in the Cathedral of Annunciation take your breath away. The Cathedral of the Archangel is the necropolis of several princes and tsars. You also visit the burial vault of Ivan the Terrible. See the 22 foot (6.6 m) wide and 20 foot (6.1 m) tall Tsar Bell, the largest bell in the world, as well as the gigantic Tsar Cannon—a perfect end to this fascinating and informative tour.


  • Fine art & heritage at the mighty Moscow Kremlin

  • Coronation site of the country's powerful monarchs

  • Jaw-dropping beauty of Orthodox iconostasis

  • The burial vault of Tsar Ivan the Terrible

  • Gigantic proportions of the Tsar Bell & Tsar Cannon